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Saint Même les Carrières (16)

18/12/2017 To 21/12/2017

08:26 To 08:26


Intro to cave, Cave diver

Frank Vasseur

[email protected]

Saint Même les Carrières.

Saint Même les Carrières (16)



English, French, Spanish

Crossover course in west of France (see Map localisation) from introductory cave or cave diver certification to TDI mine diver using open circuit or close circuit.

Theory will start on 18th and diving on 19th.

Different possibilities of courses exposed in the second image according to your diving certifications (price for 1 course, certification card cost included):

  • Mine diver 1 (for introductory cave diver)
  • Mine diver 2 (for cave diver)
  • CCR Mine 1 (for CCR introductory cave diver)
  • CCR Mine 2 (for CCR cave diver)